Florida Couple Dining Outside Made Rude Gestures Before Being Confronted by Marchers, Protester Says

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There was another tense face-off at a restaurant between protesters and diners—this time in St. Petersburg, Florida. Marchers protesting the decision not to charge any police officers directly with the shooting death of Breonna Taylor were captured on video sitting down at the table where a couple was having dinner.

A confrontation followed that led to the woman calling 911.

"There's a riot going down and they're threatening me. I'm trying to eat dinner and they're at our table and they're cussing and threatening me,” she said.

Josh Fiallo, a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, happened to be there and shot the video.

"They were going restaurant by restaurant, kind of screaming, chanting, just kind of sharing their displeasure with the people that were just sitting there eating, because they thought they needed to be up and they needed to be marching with them for the injustices of Breonna Taylor," Fiallo told Inside Edition. "By about the third or fourth restaurant, that's when the protesters kind of hit a tipping point and the diners kind of hit a tipping point.”

The video shows one protester taking a seat, followed by two others. Both sides exchanged words.

"They were just sitting there eating dinner, I didn't see anything that would immediately provoke the protestors to come and swarm that table in particular,” Fiallo said.

But one protester tweeted a photo of the couple, claiming the group targeted them because the woman was giving a thumbs down and the man was making an obscene gesture.

Other incidents of clashes between demonstrators and diners have occurred in Washington, D.C., Rochester and Pittsburgh.


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