Florida Deputy Resigns After Pulling Gun on Pregnant Driver During Traffic Stop

The sheriff’s department examined the bodycam footage and determined the officer had violated department standards when he handcuffed and pulled a gun on a pregnant mother who drove one mile to pull over into a well-lit gas station.

A Florida sheriff’s deputy has resigned after he pulled a gun on a pregnant driver during a traffic stop.

Bodycam footage shows Deputy Jason DeSue ordering Ebony Washington to pull over on a dark, rural road in Branford County for allegedly speeding. 

“Pull the vehicle over. I will put you into the ground,” DeSue says into the loudspeaker. 

With her kids in the car, Washington slowed down, put her hazard lights on and drove for one mile until she reached a well-lit gas station to pull into.

DeSue ordered her to get out of the vehicle and to show her hands. Washington cooperated, but the angry deputy seemed to lose it.

“If you make any movement, that’ll be your last mistake you’re going to make,” DeSue said.

He handcuffed Washington as she explained she was four-months pregnant and waited to pull over until she thought it was safe. Her three children were inside the vehicle, and her 11-year-old daughter was in tears.

“I don't care about why. Just shut up!” DeSue said.

“I was nervous for myself and my children, but the part where I felt really nervous about my unborn child was when he walked up to me with the gun and when he put the handcuffs on me and jerked me around,” Washington said.

Sheriff Gordon Smith says his officer was clearly in the wrong.

“This young lady did everything you would expect. Everything that I would hope my wife or my daughter or my neighbor would do,” Smith said.

Just like Washington did, if you’re getting pulled over on a dark, secluded road — put your hazards on, lower your rate of speed and look for a safe place to pull over, security expert Bill Stanton says. 

“Once you pull over, lower all your windows, put your hand on the side door,” Stanton said.

“Pulling to a place of safety is never a wrong thing to do. It puts yourself and the officer involved in a safer place,” Stanton continued.

The sheriff’s department examined the bodycam footage and determined the officer had violated department standards.

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