Florida Doctor Inspired by Coronavirus Testing Now Offers Drive-Thru Botox Injections

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Floridians wanting to get Botox during the coronavirus pandemic have a new option to consider: drive-thru injections from the comfort of their own car. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, also known as “Dr. Miami,” came up with the idea while waiting for a blood test for COVID-19 antibodies.

“I got the concept for drive-thru Botox after getting my COVID testing at a drive-thru center nearby,” he told Inside Edition. “I said it would be a great way to do Botox that way!”

And unlike testing done for the coronavirus, you don’t even have to take off your protective mask. 

"The parts of the face Botox treats are the only parts you can see when you're wearing a mask, between the eyes, the foreheads and over here so it's really ideal,” Sazhauer said. 

Safe is paramount. Salzhauer wears gloves, a mask and face shield. And before every treatment, each patient gets their temperature checked. 

Just like in the office, Salzhauer uses an alcohol wipe to clean the injection site and sterile needles to administer the Botox. 

"Nothing is compromised in a car; you're sitting in the same position you would be in an office. we're outside, it's beautiful natural lighting,” he said. "Certainly down here in Miami where the number of COVID cases is rising, I think getting drive-thru Botox is the safest way to get Botox these days."

So is drive-thru Botox here to stay?

"I think it's gonna be convenient enough, quick enough and safe enough for people to want it even after the COVID restrictions are lifted,” Salzhauer said. “So I think we'll keep this going for a while."


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