We're Not in the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci Warns

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As some states are seeing a new spike of coronavirus cases after reopening, Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning the public that this isn’t the feared second wave. In fact, the top infectious disease expert in the country says, “we’re still in a first wave.”

“People keep talking about a second wave,” Fauci said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, but noted the United States is very much still in its first wave of the pandemic.

The only way to keep numbers down is if states continue adhering to safety guidelines, he said.

This comes as nine states hit record highs for COVID-19 cases as Americans attempt to go back to everyday life, even though Vice President Mike Pence claimed the fear unfounded, saying “the media has tried to scare the American people” in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed.

Nevertheless, Fauci warned in an earlier interview with Inside Edition Digital that people must continue to social distance and self-isolate as much as possible to keep coronavirus cases down nationwide. “The only thing you can do for sure is to avoid contact with other individuals,” he explained.


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