Florida Man Allegedly Breaks Into Elderly Woman's Home, Wears Her Clothes

File photo of a police car
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Kristopher Patterson was reportedly trying to hide out from police.

A Florida man who allegedly broke into an elderly woman’s home, was found wearing her clothes.

Kristopher Patterson, 37, was allegedly trying to hide out from police, WJAX reported. The woman returned home to find Patterson had allegedly taken a shower and made a phone call. He then allegedly asked her for a drink.

The woman claims Patterson asked her permission to take soap and shampoo but stole her purse, an air mattress and her car.

Patterson then allegedly drove the car to IKEA, where he swiped the plates off of another car to replace the ones on the stolen vehicle, the outlet reported.

Police say he then drove it to a nearby Walmart. That night, shoppers noticed the man slumped over the wheel and called authorities.

Patterson was arrested and booked into jail. He was charged with petit theft, burglary, resisting an officer and carjacking. 

He is being held on $103,012 bond.

Patterson is due in court on June 17.

The woman says she was able to get many of her items back.