Florida Man Drives Smart Car Into Kitchen So It Won't Blow Away During Hurricane Dorian

The Eldridge family's smart car now lives in the kitchen.
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His wife posted a photo of her kitchen, home to her husband's Smart car, during Hurricane Dorian.

The Eldridge family's Smart car now lives next to the isle of kitchen. 

With Hurricane Dorian churning up the East Coast, dad Patrick Eldridge worried his tiny automobile might blow away, so he rolled his baby straight into the kitchen of the family's Jacksonville home.

His wife, Jessica Eldridge, thought it was so funny she took photos of the little vehicle and posted them on her Facebook page.

The images went viral and began showing up on media websites around the globe.

That cracked up Jessica, who gleefully reposted all the posts of her husband's car. 

The little engine ended up indoors because it couldn't fit in the garage, where Patrick's other car, a very big truck, and Jessica's sedan, were already in residence.

Jessica also took the opportunity to link to a video of her hubby behind the wheel of his pint-size ride, one tattooed arm seen through the open window.