Florida Pregnant Woman in Labor Stops On the Way to Hospital to Vote

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Getty Stock Image

A pregnant Florida woman wasn’t going to let labor stop her from voting in the 2020 presidential election.

The woman, who hasn’t been identified by name, was already in labor when she showed up to cast her vote this week, according to the Orange County Supervisor of elections.

The woman’s husband reportedly walked in to get a ballot for his wife. He told staff she was in the car waiting and they were on their way to the hospital, but she wanted to stop to vote first.

An employee at the voting booth went out to check the woman’s ID, ABC News reported. The mom-to-be filled out her ballot while doing Lamaze breathing, the employee also said.

The elections clerk, Eileen Deliz, told the news station that the moment brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

“We are very, very busy, but when something like that happens it just makes our day,” Deliz said. "Every election cycle brings us a great little story.”


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