Florida Resident Finds Gator Hiding Under Pickup Truck

A trapper was immediately called in to remove the creature safely.

It’s just another day in sunny Florida when a local sheriff’s trapper is called in to wrangle an alligator from under a pickup truck.

It all started when a Sable Ridge resident called deputies after discovering the gator in his driveway, hiding beneath his car.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office later posted a video to their Facebook of the trapper gently getting a catch pole around the gator while it was still under the truck.

Moments later, the 8.5-foot-long alligator, apparently disturbed from a nap, came rolling out from under the truck.

"That thing’s huge," someone could be heard saying in the background.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office joked on their Facebook post, "Most of us Floridians may not keep gators for pets, but we have enough of them in our backyard to consider them 'family.'"