'Flying Preacher' Delivers Sermon From on High

Pastor Bartholomew Orr sure knows how to make a dramatic entrance.

A Mississippi man is now known as the "flying preacher" after video of him floating above his congregation over the weekend went viral. 

Pastor Bartholomew Orr of Brown Baptist Church in Southaven has been using the flying equipment for several years for Christmas services.

But on Sunday, he made his debut on the cables. “We have a company that comes in, installs it, takes our people through a flight school just to make sure everything is safe,” Orr told Inside Edition. “I just had to get up the nerves to get into the harness.” 

Taking flight made sense for Sunday's particular sermon because Orr was preaching about how the Lord will return and make a surprise entrance. 

It wasn't all smooth sailing, however. The stunt started off a little jerky, but Orr said he quickly got the hang of it and amazed the crowd, as well as everyone watching online. 

“I wasn't nervous. They creeped me in and it wasn't like I was zoomed in,” he said. 

The pastor has been mocked by some who have compared him to Beyoncé for the high-flying acrobatics. But he's shrugged off the critics, saying the proof is in the pews thanks to the amount of people talking about his sermon. 

“I think more young people left Sunday morning talking about my sermon than they did in a while,” he said.