Jesus Painting Is All That Survives Massive Fire at Massachusetts Church

The painting, which was all that remained of the charred building, is now with a former pastor of the church.

A painting of Jesus Christ was all that survived a massive blaze at a church just outside of Boston in what's being hailed a miracle. 

Flames engulfed the 150-year-old First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Massachusetts, following an apparent lightning strike on Tuesday evening. 

More than 100 firefighters responded to the blaze, which ultimately consumed the church — save for the painting of Jesus, which hung just inside the church's front doors, according to The Boston Globe.

Photos showed the painting — unharmed by smoke, water or flames — being carried out of the remnants of the building. 

"I've always believed in miracles," church moderator Melinda Parry told Inside Edition. "This certainly seems to be something that is God's way of comforting us."

The painting has since found a new home with a former pastor of the church, who will hang on to it for the time being, parishioner Susan Auld told the Globe.

Auld, who said she witnessed the devastating blaze, compared it to an inferno.

“When the windows were all aglow — every stained glass window was aglow — it looked like you were looking into hell,” she said.

“It was just an awful, awful sight.”