Foo Fighters Fans Get Married in the Middle of Band's Concert

The bride confirmed that the brief ceremony during "Everlong" was legally binding.

A pair of Foo Fighters fans proved the only thing they love more than the band is each other as they got married in the middle of the band's Dallas concert.

Belinda and Tony Rosales, of Texas, exchanged vows and signed rushed marriage licenses as other concertgoers sang along to “Everlong” during the Foo Fighters’ show last month.

"We eloped at the concert," Belinda told "My friends and family, they say this was perfect for me and him."

While they are both huge fans of the Foo Fighters, Belinda explained the real reason they wanted to get married at their concert was because they credit the hit song for sparking their relationship.

"He went to their concert three years ago in Austin without me — I couldn’t go — we were just friends at the time," she recalled. “During the song 'Everlong,' he had a rush of emotion and he realized he was in love with me, so he decided to call me and tell me."

On New Year’s Day of this year, Tony proposed and they began planning their wedding, setting their date for May 4, 2019.

"We’re Star Wars fans," she said, laughing.

After putting down a deposit for a venue, inviting 250 guests and purchasing a $2,000 wedding gown, Belinda and her fiancé decided out of the blue they would forego all the glitz and the glamour for a short, meaningful ceremony at the upcoming Foo Fighters concert.

In the days leading up to the show, Belinda wrote on the concert event page, asking if anyone was ordained.

Days passed, and finally, a stranger named Phoebe reached out and said she was ordained, and she was happy to meet with them during the show.

The day of the concert, Belinda said she told every venue staff she encountered that she was getting married.

The message was passed up the grapevine until someone finally approached them, and promised he would get them the set list to find out when “Everlong” was being played, and got a special pass for their officiant to come to their VIP seats during the song.

"She is my stranger in shining armor," Belinda said. "We lost all of our money, but it was worth it."