Former Beyonce Drummer Says She Was Driven to Kill Cat After Singer Cast a Spell on Her

Kimberly Thompson's bizarre claims were outlined in a head-scratching court filing in which she seeks a restraining order against Beyonce.

Beyoncé sure can cast a spell with her performances, but a former drummer is now accusing the pop music icon of "extreme witchcraft."

Kimberly Thompson is also alleging that the "Crazy in Love" singer is casting "magic spells of sexual molestation," and has filed for a temporary restraining order against her.

A Los Angeles judge, however, immediately denied Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order on Sept 19. 

Another restraining order hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11. 

In court papers, Thompson claims the "Single Ladies" singer is involved in hocus pocus and even "the murder of my pet cat.” 

“All accusations ... I survived are real,” Thompson wrote in an email to Pitchfork

Thompson was part of Beyoncé's band for seven years and also played with Fred Armisen’s 8G Band on “Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Beyoncé has not commented on the matter.