Fox's Dana Perino Breaks Twitter With 'I Made Queso' Super Bowl Photo

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Fox News anchor Dana Perino sent Twitter into a meltdown on Super Bowl Sunday by posting a photograph of a hot, greasy mess with the tagline: "I made queso."

The pot of gooey sludge looked like a lot of things, posters said, but queso wasn't one of them.

The photo of a "luxury meal" from the 2017 Fyre Festival did double duty.

A screenshot from "The Shining" also filled in as a "queso" meme. 

Perino, host of "The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino," acknowledged the social media backlash with a rip of her own about the lackluster Super Bowl showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots.

But matters weren't helped any when Twitter folks found a queso recipe Perino had posted three years ago, which contained a list of ingredients that didn't seem to have much in common with the melted cheese appetizer.

 That concoction prompted another round of tweet salvos.

Food expert Ali Rosen, who runs a food website and hosts a radio show titled "Potluck," didn't know what to make of Perino's photo. The dip "shouldn't be brown," she said. Traditionally, it contains only processed cheeses and a little spice, she said, noting it is a totally American dish, "arguably from Texas," that grew in popularity as processed cheese became a staple of American diets.

She laughed, she said, at the responses to Perino's "I made queso," quip. "It was just so ripe for being ripped apart," she said. And none of the ingredients in her recipe, save Velveeta, belong in queso, she said. 


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