Why Owls Are All Over Social Media Super Bowl Sunday

Every year, searches for "superb owl" spike ahead of the Super Bowl.
Getty Images

Forget the Super Bowl, social media is all about the Superb Owl. 

Every year as football's biggest game approaches, searches for "superb owl" spike, an easy misspelling made by those looking for info on the Super Bowl. 

This year, Google poked fun at the trend — try searching the phrase and you'll get the score of the game, but also a doodle of an owl sporting a crown. A superb owl indeed. 

On social media, more people got in on the fun, including The Atlantic's photo desk and National Geographic. 

National parks, meanwhile, took the search traffic to drop some knowledge. 

Owls aren't the only ones getting some love thanks to the Super Bowl: the Ashmolean Museum shared some lovely pictures of bowls from Iran. 


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