Inquisitive Owl Videobombs Traffic Camera in Finland

The owl was seen perched right in front of the camera that was recording the road at the entrance of a tunnel.

We’ve all heard of photobombing, but an owl in Finland has one-upped the game as it videobombed a traffic camera.

The Finnish Transport Agency posted a video of a moving object blocking the view of a traffic camera that was recording above the entrance of the Tampere Coastal Tunnel.

Camera operators carefully turned the camera for a better view of the object to discover it was an owl that was staring into the lens, according to UPI.

"The Finnish Transport Agency's Traffic Management Operators were surprised when an owl was posing for their traffic camera," an agency rep told UPI.

The owl continued to glance into the lens for several seconds with its big, yellow eyes, looking back and forth between the camera and the road.