Cameras Catch Daredevils Taking Selfies on Top of NYC Skyscraper

The bold stunt took place over the weekend in Manhattan.

Three daredevils have been captured by a weather camera as they took in the view from the top of a Manhattan skyscraper. 

The video was captured by a WCBS’ weather camera that was positioned on the Bloomberg Tower on the East Side of Manhattan over the weekend.

In the video, one of the daredevils is seen pulling out a selfie stick to take photos when the other suddenly realizes the camera is recording, and he quickly tries to mask his face with a camouflage-colored bandana.

The building is a dizzying 54 stories tall, and located in the heart of Manhattan. 

Inside Edition believes that the daredevil who tried to cover his face goes by the name EM.1T from his YouTube channel. In each of the videos on the channel, the man covers his face with a bandana, just like in the Bloomberg Tower stunt. 

A cameraman who goes by the moniker Vic Invades says he documented a stunt that EM.1T performed on a tower in Times Square, but he won't name the bandana-wearing subject.

“I can’t really disclose that," he told Inside Edition. "We have a pact."

EM.1T’s days may be numbered because the NYPD says it's investigating the act.