Friend of Missing Mom Suzanne Morphew Believes Husband Was "100 %" Involved in Her Disappearance

Barry Morphew denies any involvement in his wife's disappearance and is now suing the prosecutor, inverstigators, and sheriff who were involved in his arrest for the crime after all charges were dropped.

Suzanne Morphew disappeared three years ago after allegedly heading out for a bike ride on Mother's Day in 2020.

The Colorado mom has not been seen since, and a year after she went missing, police arrested her husband Barry Morphew and charged him with her murder in 2021.

Those charges were dropped before the case headed to trial due to insufficient evidence.

But one woman tells Inside Edition that she believes she knows who is behind her friend's disappearance — Suzanne's husband.

A group of friends got together on Mother's Day to remember Suzanne, using the event as a way to bring awareness to the case and hopefully get a new investigation launched into their friend's disappearance.

Jim Moret spoke to a friend of the missing mom and asked if she thought Barry Morphew played a role in his Suzanne's disappearance.

Her response? "One-hundred percent."

"I think because the charges got dropped was because her body has not been discovered," the friend tells Inside Edition. "I think that once you get some new eyes in there, I believe it's going to be solved and I believe he will be rearrested."

Barry meanwhile appeared on "GMA" with daughters Macy and Mallory, who both say they have never once doubted their father's innocence.

"We had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage," Barry said during that appearance.

He also suggested that his wife's disappearance could have to do with the Hodgkin's lymphoma she was battling at the time she went missing.

"She was going through some hard things and made some bad decisions," Barry said. "She was having trouble with the chemo, and the drugs."

When asked point blank if he played a role in his wife's disappearance, Barry said: "Absolutely not."

He also said of authorities: "They've got tunnel vision and they looked at one person and they've got too much pride to say they're wrong and look somewhere else." 

Police say however that Suzanne was having an affair and before her disappearance she had referred to Barry as "Jekyll and Hyde," and told him she was "done."

Barry meanwhile has filed a $15 million lawsuit against the prosecutors, sheriff, and investigators who were involved in his arrest.


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