'Friends' Reunion Leaves Many Recounting Their Own Ross Geller-'Pivot' Moments

One of the most famous episode of "Friends" gained renewed interest on social media following the airing of "Friends: The Reunion."

Ross enlisting his friends Rachel and Chandler to move a sofa up the stairs into his apartment sounds like a simple premise of a “Friends” episode, but season 5’s “The One With The Cop” quickly went down in television history as one of the funniest ever aired.

The episode, which first aired in 1999, is getting renewed interest on social media after the release of “Friends: The Reunion,” with fans posting their own struggles moving couches.

It has even intrigued a world-renowned mathematician, who calculated that Ross, Rachel and Chandler could have made their way up the staircase if they could “pivot” the couch the right way.

Sitara Hirj, a New York resident, had the same problem. Like Ross, Rachel and Chandler, she found her couch stuck in the hallway of her Brooklyn apartment because she can’t get it past the door.

Thankfully, she was able to get it into her apartment thanks to some help from a company called the New York Couch Doctor, which specializes in just the conundrum, no “pivot” required.

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