From 'Backpack Kid' to 'The Mooch,' Easy Ideas for Your Halloween Costume

The ideas come from political headlines and pop culture.

This year's hottest Halloween costumes are ripped from the headlines

The first lady's inauguration outfit was an instant classic, and is living on as a popular costume

“One of the most fun costumes this season is Melania Trump, which is a cropped version of that suit. Of course the long gloves and don't forget the updo and the heels,” style expert Katrina Szish told Inside Edition. 

Anthony Scaramucci, the bombastic and former White House communications director who served just days in the post, is also a major Halloween draw this year.

“This guy has a larger than life personality, so, what better way to pull it off than with a tiny sexy suit? Don't forget the aviators, the tie, and of course the expressions,” Szish added. 

The world rejoiced when April the giraffe finally gave birth and now you can be the famous creature. 

“You definitely need something cute, with a little hood," Szish suggested. "You need the ears and the little horns.  And why not add a little tutu to show you are a girl giraffe?”

Russell Hornig, aka "Backpack Kid," became an international sensation when he upstaged Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live in May.

All you need is a blank stare, and — you guessed it — a backpack. A model demonstrated with ease just how simple it is to pull off the look.

“He has that very serious expression, and he can do that dance,” Szish said.