From Puppies to Lost Rings: All the Greatest Proposal Moments of 2018

And who could forget the woman who couldn't stop screaming when her boyfriend got down on one knee?

Many couples decided to take their relationships to the next level this year. Here's a look at Inside Edition's favorite proposals from 2018.

Twin brothers Joshua and Jeremy planned the perfect proposal, popping the question at the same time to twin sisters Brittany and Briana. The twins also tied the knot this year in a double fairy tale wedding.

In another memorable proposal, Lauren Johnson freaked out when she saw a sign in the woods made by her boyfriend that read: “Lauren, will you marry me?”

“I never imagined maybe I would be that excited but in that moment,” she told Inside Edition. “I almost couldn’t control myself.”

Amid all of her excitement and screaming, she did say yes.  

And what could be sweeter than a puppy and a proposal? One young lady was surprised with an adorable puppy, but with the dog came another surprise: a ring. On the dog’s collar, the name tag read: “Will you marry me?”

Finally, there was the British couple that dropped their engagement ring down a New York City subway grate last month just shortly after popping the question.

Thankfully, the NYPD found it and they were all reunited on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" recently for a proposal do-over. 

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