Fugitive Granny Lois Riess Seen in Last Photos Before She Was Caught: Exclusive

Riess was captured after the manager of a Texas restaurant recognized her.

These are the last photos of Lois Riess before she was captured at the conclusion of a weeks-long manhunt.

Riess was wanted for allegedly killing her husband and a woman authorities believe she targeted because she looked just like her. Riess then allegedly stole the woman's car and identification.

On Thursday, she walked into Dirty Al’s, a restaurant on South Padre Island, which is a popular vacation spot in Texas.

“She came in; she asked to see the menu," said the manager, George Higginbotham. 

Surveillance images show her entering the restaurant alone.


Unfortunately for Riess, Higginbotham recognized her silver hair from reports about the nationwide hunt. 

"We were very lucky to notice her white hair. She liked to throw it back with her left arm and all," he said. 

She left the restaurant without ordering anything.

"She turned around and walked out," Higginbotham said.

He called police, but Riess had already left by the time authorities arrived.

South Padre Police Chief Randy Smith said his officers missed Riess by a few minutes, but quickly caught up to her. She was captured that night at Sea Ranch Restaurant, another local eatery in the beach resort community, located just 27 miles from the Mexico border.

“She seemed to have let her guard down a little bit,” Smith said. “By the time she realized what was going on, I believe it was out of her control."

Cousins of Riess' alleged victim, Pam Hutchinson, told Inside Edition they were relieved their loved one’s alleged killer was finally behind bars.

"The American people are safe," one cousin said. "She’s not going to have a chance to kill again and keep this going."