Garbage Man Struggles to Do His Job as He Slips and Slides on Icy Roads

Colin Rennie, 26, says he'll trade his work boots for ice skates next time.

This trash collector might not get points for grace, but he sure gets a bonus for style!

Colin Rennie, 26, of Aberdeen, Scotland, was captured in a Caters video fighting with the icy road as he attempted to wheel trash bins into the truck.

Although next time, Rennie might consider swapping his work boots for ice skates.

“The sheet of ice was so hard to walk on, but it was so funny at the same time,” Rennie said. “It took us ages to do the whole road, there was ice everywhere."

Rennie, who has been working as a garbage collector for the past two years, even bumped his head against the bin as he tried to wheel it toward the truck.

His colleague Mark Sim could be heard in the background, laughing hysterically.

"This is definitely one of the funniest days I've had," Rennie admitted.

Maybe the incident will inspire him to share his routine among the other figure skaters competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.