Gecko Somehow Knows How to Use the Phone, Makes Calls at Hawaii Animal Center

The amphibian was caught in the act.

It looks like the gecko from the Geico commercial may have found a part-time job in Hawaii.

After a string of mysterious phone calls from the Marine Mammal Center, no one could figure out the culprit until the amphibian was caught in the act. 

"I was at lunch just up the road when I got a call from the hospital and there was only silence on the line,” Dr. Claire Simeone, a veterinarian at the center, told "Then I started getting more and more calls."

Simeone said others at the center were receiving calls from a line in the hospital as well so she decided to investigate. 

When she arrived at the center’s laboratory, she found the gecko, which was literally on the phone.

“I saw there was a gecko and he was sitting on our touch screen telephone making calls every time he moved his little gecko feet,” Simeone said. “It was a huge surprise to me, but I was really glad we solved the mystery and he actually did a great job telemarketing to everybody in our recent call list."

Simeone then moved the Gecko outside onto a plant, a more fitting space.