Georgia Teen Who Photographed Packed School Hallway No Longer Suspended After Receiving Outpouring of Support

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Despite the risk of coronavirus, kids are still returning to school, and one teen, Hannah Watters, who was suspended for photographing the jam-packed hallways at her high school in Georgia, is having her suspension lifted after an outcry of support.

“He apologized and deleted the suspension. I can go back to school on Monday,” Watters, 15, said of her principal.

Amy Westmoreland, a nurse in the district where Watters attends school, also said she quit because she doesn’t feel safe.

“They said masks were a personal choice - and [we] would practice social distancing when they could but it wouldn’t always be practical,” Westmoreland said.

While schools are returning, a cruise ship had to stop it’s journey when a ship full of 36 passengers had one test positive for the coronavirus. The ship, which left from Alaska, had to return three days later.

Coronavirus should be taken seriously and precautions should be taken to avoid contracting it, said Alyssa Milano, who opened up about her battle with COVID-19. The actress believes she contracted the virus while on a movie set in Portland, Oregon.

“I had every single symptom,” Milano told CNN’s Chris Cuomo, noting the virus left her debilitated. “I had confusion. I had sadness. I had like these bouts of just crying - it was a sick like I have never felt before.”

And while she’s coming out on the other side of it, she said she still has heart palpitations and her hair is falling out.


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