Georgia Woman's Home Gets Taken Over by Massive Swarm of Bees

A stock image of a close-up of bees.
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This is the fourth time she has had to deal with a dangerous hive over the last 14 years she's been living at the residence.

Call it “Invasion of the Bees.” That’s what happened in one woman’s home in Georgia, nearly 100,000 of them gathering, and this isn't the first time.

Lisa Ohrmundt, who has lived in the Decatur residence for the last 14 years, said this has been the fourth time her home has been invaded by these menacing insects. The most recent mass takeover was in April when she noticed hundreds flying outside of her house and then disappearing, People reported. 

"Four years ago, in May of 2017, we had a really big hive taken out, a couple of years later we had a smaller one taken out, then a week or so ago we had a smaller one taken out, and then this one ... hopefully is the grand finale," Ohrmundt told CNN. 

Georgia Bee Removal was called to the residence, where Bobby Chaisson, the operations director removed two full containers of bees, CNN reported. 

The bee expert is seen standing on a ladder and cutting open a part of the ceiling as hundreds of bees emerge. Ohrmundt caught in all on video.

“Alright, here we go,”  Ohrmundt said, capturing the anxiety-provoking moment on video and then posting it on Facebook with the caption, “Oh, here it is! Bees 2021!!!” People reported.

And, the video has been buzzing.

“Wow what in the world,” wrote one person. “When I look at all those bees it makes my skin crawl. Be safe.”

Another person wrote: “You must be really sweet… The way they keep coming back to your space.” 

Chaisson said after the ordeal that the bees were “gigantic.” 

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