Pennsylvania Couple Discovers More Than 20,000 Bees in Their Home After Honey Drips Down Walls

Justin and Andrea Isabell thought the liquid flowing down their walls was rainwater from Tropical Storm Fay until they took a closer look.

When a Pennsylvania couple noticed liquid dripping down the walls of their 100-year-old home after Tropical Storm Fay, they assumed they had a roof leak. But upon closer inspection, Justin and Andrea Isabell realized it wasn't rainwater at all — it was honey. 

"We noticed these streaks coming down our wall and we could not figure out what it was," Justin said in a video posted to Facebook. "So, with a very careful lick, yup, that's honey. We probably have a bee problem somewhere up in our house." 

The Isabells have lived in their home in Perkasie, about 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia, for five years and never noticed any bees inside, they told CNN. 

"We've never heard any buzzing or anything," Andrea told CNN. "When we saw the stream coming down the wall, we just kind of worked our way up." 

After discovering an opening where the bees were entering and exiting the roof, the couple called beekeeper Allan Lattanzi to take a look, who estimated the size of the colony at 20,000 to 30,000 bees, according to CNN. 

The couple's goal is to safely relocate the hive, Justin wrote on Facebook, and Lattanzi plans to start that project Monday, taking the bees out of the home and back to his property.  

"We know bees are endangered. We want to be able to save the colony and rehome them appropriately and carefully, but the damage done to the house to extract it was concerning," Andrea told CNN.