Beekeeper Helps Relocate Swarm of Bees That Made Their Home in Parked Jeep

Swarms of the insect have taken over the city of Adelaide.

Bees in Australia are moving in.

Swarms of the insect have taken over the city of Adelaide and have begun making their homes in cars. 

"I think it's pretty crazy. I wasn't expecting it at all, I was just coming over to have my lunch and all of a sudden it's a bee bombardment,” one resident told APTN.

Local beekeeper Andrew Thompson said bees often run out of space to build nests around this time of year so they start doing so wherever they can. 

On Wednesday, Thompson removed a swarm from a parked jeep near a central shopping center. It was a scary sight with bees also buzzing about the parking lot. The area around the car was cordoned off by police tape. 

"I've then interrupted their process of thinking about where they were going to find a new home. I've provided them one, so I've brushed them off into a nuc [nucleus] box,” he said of the extraction.