Who Ya Gonna Call? Bee Wrangler Arrives to Battle Car Full of Swarming Wasps

A Louisiana bee wrangler steps in to battle a car full of swarming wasps.

It was just another day at the office for Jude Verret, a Louisiana bee wrangler who recently faced a car full of teeming wasps. 

In video posted to his Facebook page, Verret shows a four-door sedan parked in someone's yard, and the interior is completely taken over by a super-size yellow jackets' nest.

Based in Morgan City, Verret runs a business called Stinger Creations, which does insect removal and beekeeping. He is fond of posting creepy videos of him clad in a hazmat suit, with a GoPro camera strapped to his head, as he saunters into throbbing sites of bee and wasp chaos.

In his newest footage, you can barely see the car's dashboard because it's so overrun by buzzing yellow jackets.

"You gotta kinda get your nerve up because with these things, when they sting you it's the worst thing they've got in the United States," Verret told Inside Edition. "They're bad. It feels like you got shot. You seriously could die from them."

Verret said he got the call to remove the hive after two particularly warm winters allowed these wasps, known as southern yellow jackets, to thrive and to erect a monstrous home.

Verret made the video with a fellow beekeeper, who's sitting in the driver's seat as Verret films his winged passengers. 

Thanks to their heavy suits and helmets, neither man got stung. Just another day at the hive.