Get to Know The Bronx Neighborhood Where the Trump Family Settled

The Trump family lived in an immigrant haven in The Bronx.

President Trump is said to be furious at the surge of immigrants at the southern border, declaring the country is full. However, many are pointing out that the president's mother and grandparents were immigrants, forced to leave their homeland much like today's immigrants.

In 2016, Inside Edition visited Kallstadt, Germany, where Trump's grandparents Frederick and Elizabeth Trump grew up. Frederick was expelled from Germany for failing to sign up for military service.

A modest apartment building in The Bronx, New York, is where Frederick and Elizabeth Trump settled when they arrived from Germany.

Back when the Trumps settled in The Bronx, the bustling neighborhood was filled with German immigrants. Frederick found work as a barber and a hotel manager, and it was there in 1905 that the president's father, Fred Trump, was born.

The Trumps old apartment has been converted into office space.

Frederick opened a barber shop in Manhattan and began buying property. Fred trained as a carpenter and started building and managing homes, eventually turning over the business to his son Donald.

The old Bronx neighborhood is 10 miles north of Trump Tower. Today, in the neighborhood, you will find immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.