Ghost Hunter Says He Photographed Late Grandpa Peering Out of Kitchen Window

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Could this spooky face be the ghost of Jason Griffiths' grandpa? 

Griffiths' grandfather Alan Price died more than two years ago, but since his passing, some of Griffiths' family members have reported some unusual activity at the home where Price used to live, according to the British news agency SWNS. 

Recently, while visiting his grandpa's old house, where his uncle now lives, Griffiths snapped a photo he believes shows Price peering out the kitchen window. 

“The more I look at it, the more I see my granddad in it — he used to wear a flat cap, and it looks like the ghost is wearing a similar hat," Griffiths, an amateur ghost hunter, said. 

So Griffiths recruited his best friend, Steven Richards, also a ghost hunter, to come by and check it out. 

The pair often go ghost hunting together, posting their videos to social media. 

Griffiths said he felt compelled to find out what was going on at the house. And while they were there, Richards said he felt a presence behind him on the stairs. 

"To be honest, I thought at first that someone had broken into the house from upstairs," Richards said. "... Then I suddenly felt footsteps brush past me."

The pair vowed to keep investigating.



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