This Hairdresser Claims Her Mother's Ghost Is Hanging Out at Her Salon

When a spooky image showed up on Charlotte YD Hale's surveillance cameras, she said she recognized it immediately.

When a spooky image showed up on Charlotte YD Hale's surveillance cameras, she recognized it immediately as the ghost of her own mother.

"One particular evening, I was checking my cameras and I saw something. Instantly I thought, 'Oh my gosh, is that you, Mummy?'" she told Caters News Agency. 

Hale, who runs a hair salon in England, claimed the ghost even recognized her. "As I said, 'Mummy?' she even moved slightly on the screen and then came back. I had no doubt in my mind at all it was my mum."

Hale's mom, Yvonne Dorothy, died of an illness eight years ago. She thinks the spirit is her mom, not only because of what she sees, but what she smells.

Often, the aroma of burnt buttered toast fills the shop, a familiar scent she associates with her mother.

"So basically, at that point, customers can smell buttered burnt toast, we always go outside to check if it's coming from the Helter Skelter, obviously the local pub, but generally no, no smell. It's here and then it disappears," Hale said.

To be certain, Hale hired paranormal investigators to check out the footage. She said they told her they couldn't find any evidence proving the image wasn't a ghost.

But Hale has no plans to hire an exorcist to rid her shop of the ghoul. She said she was close to her mother in life and wants to remain that way.

"I do believe that the reason why my mummy came to the shop is that she'd love to be a part of it. The kind of lady she was and I do believe still is she liked to be a part of everything and she would say, 'My Charlotte, look at my Charlotte. Wow.'"

At this point, Hale has proof her mother is still watching — this time from another dimension not so far away.