Giancarlo Granda, Former Pool Attendant at Center of Sex Scandal, Calls Jerry Falwell Jr. a 'Predator'

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The former pool attendant at the center of the sex scandal swirling around Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki Falwell is speaking out. Giancarlo Granda says the couple pursued him, even calling Falwell Jr, who stepped down from his role as President of Liberty University, a "predator."

Granda claimed Falwell Jr. liked to watch his intimate moments with Becki. In a statement to Inside Edition, Granda said, "The Falwells would have you believe that I seduced Becki into an affair, without Jerry's knowledge. The truth is, she invited me to their hotel room."

The statement continued, "As recently as last year, they participated in video calls where Mrs. Falwell was naked and Jerry was watching. The reality is Jerry Falwell is a predator."

But Falwell Jr. told CBS News, "I didn't sit and watch anything. That's stupid."

Becki asked for forgiveness Wednesday, saying she and Falwell Jr. are "more in love than ever."

"I wish Christians, and people, would be as forgiving as Christ was," Becki said. 

In a phone call secretly recorded by Granda, Becki talked about how hard it was to get over their break-up. 

"I've taken a lot. I've moved on. I've matured. Matured," Becki said.

"You're perfect," Granda replied.

"Yeah, got to keep that up," Becki said. 

Granda said he took many trips with the Falwells. In 2012, Falwell Jr., a prominent evangelical, was introduced to Donald Trump—then a private citizen—at Liberty University.

"We must unite behind Donald Trump and Mike Pence," Falwell Jr. said at the 2016 Republican National Convention. 

Becki and First Lady Melania Trump are friends. In 2018, Melania made a rare public appearance at Liberty University as a personal favor.

Even though Falwell Jr. left Liberty University amid scandal, he will reportedly receive a $10.5 million compensation package from the university.


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