Giant Waterspout Spotted of Coast of Turkey as Country Experiences Extreme Weather, Wildfires and Flooding

There have been several recent weather-related phenomena in Turkey in recent weeks, partially due to the unusually hot weather.

A giant waterspout was recently was spotted off Turkey’s Black Sea coast. The huge whirling funnel cloud appeared near the city of Sinop.

It’s just one of several recent weather-related phenomena for Turkey in recent weeks.

Heavy rains caused flooding so powerful, it washed away a house, and hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes.

And people weren’t the only ones affected. A dog shelter was also hit, and rescuers had to work feverishly to save the canines inside. In the end, at least a dozen dogs perished before they could be reached.

Meanwhile, in southern Turkey, massive wildfires have destroyed homes and forests. At least 18 villages needed to be evacuated, and several people have died.

Firefighters are using aircraft to battle the blazes, which are not yet under control.

Unusually hot weather has made those fires possible. And scientists say those temperatures, as well as the flooding rains in the north, are a result of climate change.

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