Girlfriend of Doctor Found Dead in Las Vegas Thinks Model Was 'Threatening Him'

Judy Earp is speaking out after her boyfriend, Dr. Thomas Burchard, was found beaten to death after visiting a Playboy model in the Sin City.

The longtime girlfriend of Dr. Thomas Burchard, who was found dead outside of Las Vegas last month after traveling to meet a Playboy model, spoke out Monday and called the case "suspicious."

“It’s just inhumane to do that to somebody,” Judy Earp told Inside Edition in an emotional interview.

Kelsey Turner, a model whose credits include Playboy Italia and Maxim, is accused of killing the 71-year-old psychiatrist after he’d allegedly given her $300,000, including rent payments, over the two years they’d known each other. Burchard was found dead on March 7, dumped inside the trunk of a Mercedes Benz abandoned on a dirt road. Police said he died from blunt force trauma.

“It’s just really, very difficult,” Earp added. “I do believe that Kelsey was threatening him and holding something over his head."

Earp said that Burchard often helped people who were down on their luck, but she also disclosed that Burchard told her he had slept with Turner one time. Earp claimed that texts from Turner suggested she wanted "a large amount of money for sex."

She said Burchard had flown to Las Vegas from his California home on March 1 to visit Turner. She last talked to her boyfriend on March 2, she said, and she didn’t have a good feeling. She later reported him missing when she didn't hear from him.

"I was really, really worried,” Earp said.

Police conducted welfare checks at Turner's home over the next few days. On March 5, officers found the abandoned car, which had been subleased to Turner.

Turner was arrested on March 21 in California in connection with Burchard's death. She appeared in court Monday for proceedings on her extradition to Las Vegas, which has been delayed because she is pregnant.

"Based on the fact that Burchard came to Las Vegas with the intent to visit Turner, Burchard was found murdered in Turner's vehicle, and there was evidence of a clean-up at Turner's residence, there is probable cause to believe Turner was involved in Burchard's death," read the warrant for Turner's arrest.