Good Samaritan Scales Burning Arizona Building to Save Children Trapped Inside

As a police officer tried to figure out how to get inside the building, a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere and sprang into action to save the little girls.

A good Samaritan in Arizona is being lauded for his bravery after springing into action to help a police officer save two children trapped inside a burning apartment. 

Bodycam footage showed the police officer in Mesa, Arizona, throwing rocks to break open the window. 

The children inside could be heard screaming as the officer tried to figure out how to get to them. Just then, a man appeared out of nowhere.  

“Do we have a ladder or anything?” he asked. “No, I don't have a ladder,” the officer replied. 

Like Spider-Man, the man hopped a fence, stood on an air condition unit and ripped out the window frame with his bare hands. 

As smoke billowed out, he hoisted himself into the burning building and moments later, reappeared at the window with a baby wearing only a diaper. 

As the officer rushed the toddler to a medic, the hero citizen climbed back inside to find the other child. He reemerged with a little girl. 

The girls, aged 2 and 6, are expected to make a full recovery. 

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