Good Samaritans in Chile Band Together to Rescue Injured Beached Whale

The 23-foot long whale washed up on Caleta Lenga beach in Chile. 

Residents in one beach town came to a stranded whale's rescue when officials called to help were taking too long.

The 23-foot-long whale washed up on Caleta Lenga beach in Chile. 

"This animal had been stranded since six in the morning," one person said. "And the authorities were notified, the maritime authority in this case, and they did not believe it."

Concerned citizens say they called the Navy and the National Fishing Service, but they felt the injured animal was running out of time.

So they banded together to help push it out to sea.

Once a whale becomes stranded, time is of the essence as it can die by collapsing under its own weight or drowning when water covers its blowhole at high tide.

Luckily, these good Samaritans weren't going to let that happen on their watch. 

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