Good Samaritans Rewarded With $100 After Trying to Help 'Homeless' Man

YouTuber Brian Breach gave anyone who offered to help him $100.

It’s the season of giving, but these generous passers-by never anticipated getting $100 for donating to a man in need.

YouTuber Brian Breach stood outside a Florida Target dressed as a homeless man, asking locals to help his family have a nice meal for Christmas.

But he shocked any good Samaritans that donated with $100 bill, as a thank you for doing the right thing.

"It felt amazing to see so many people willing to help," Breach told "It was nice to see so many caring people take a second out of their day to do an act of kindness."

As he stood outside Target in a ripped shirt with a sign, a group of women came and asked him what they could purchase for his family, a young boy left some change in his can and a man shook his hand.

“Since you’re such a nice giver, this is for you, for the holidays,” Breach told them all, before leaving them $100 richer.

He explained the prank was all in an attempt to spread some holiday cheer and encourage others to always pay it forward.