Woman Pranks Sister by Covering Her Office in Christmas Wrapping Paper

Rachel Spain made the mistake of telling her sister she didn't want any Christmas decorations up at work before Thanksgiving.

When a Texas woman said she didn't want to see any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, her sister couldn't resist a festive prank.

So after getting the OK from her sister's boss, Angela Severance spent two hours sticking wrapping paper to her sibling's office walls at Dallas Caramel Company in Wylie. She sprinkled fake snow over the floor, wrapped her sister's office chair with tinsel, switched on a singing Rudolph toy and even set up a Christmas tree complete with green and red baubles.

Video shared by T&T Creative Media shows Rachel Spain walking into the office and seeing the over-the-top decor for the first time.

"Oh my God!" Spain says. "This is ridiculous."

But she quickly has a change of heart, adding, "This is so cute, though! I want to keep it!"

Severance said the initial plan had been to decorate her sister's car, but it went to the shop. So she contacted Spain's boss instead.

"We don’t work together, but like to prank each other and goof around with our other two sisters too," Severance told T&T Creative Media. "She still has the decorations up. She knows I will come and do it again if she takes them down."

But the prank went some way to convince her sister to stop being a Scrooge about decorations, Severance said.

"Surprisingly, she said she loves them and although [she] still wouldn’t decorate before Thanksgiving, this has put her in the Christmas spirit," she said.