Good Samaritans Spring Into Action and Save Elderly Man and Daughter From Phoenix House Fire

Firefighters standing in front of house in flames
Phoenix Fire Department

The Phoenix Fire Department received a report and a video showing a home being engulfed in flames and arrived on the scene with the residents already brought to safety.

An elderly man and his daughter were saved from a house fire thanks to passing neighbors.

The Phoenix Fire Department received a report of a fire with an elderly man still inside, and that neighbors were trying to aid him in escaping.

A video taken by a passerby showed the despite the flames that had the house engulfed, the man and woman who lived there were safe on the street, according to Phoenix Fire Captain Evan Gammage.

Xavier Elias and Amir Sahid, the two individuals that aided in retrieving the residents from the home, told Arizona's Family that they saw the fire as they were driving by. 

"We pulled up, fire going everywhere," one of them said.

The duo told the outlet that they heard people screaming, so they broke the windows and a gate to assist. 

When the firefighters arrived, they confirmed that no one else was inside. 

The crew was able to subdue the fire and keep it from spreading to any nearby houses, and believe it might have started near the carport inside the house. 

Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire, and it is currently unclear whether the family will be able to return to their home, according to the outlet.

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