Gorillas Open Advent Calendar as Zoo Animals Get in the Christmas Spirit

Animals at the Zoological Society of London can't wait for Santa Claws.

The holidays aren't just for humans!

At the Zoological Society of London, squirrel monkeys enjoyed stockings dangling on a rope, lions admired holiday decorations and penguins opened wrapped boxes to reveal gifts of fish.

Also at the zoo, gorillas opened the doors of a handmade advent calendar to find treats hidden inside, "just like kids all over the country as they count down to Christmas," ZSL’s animal operations manager, Angela Ryan, said, according to a press release.

Behind the doors the gorillas found tasty Brussels sprouts.

"It’s the season of giving and our keepers enjoy sharing the Christmas magic with the animals they look after at ZSL London Zoo," Ryan added. "The keepers are just hoping the sprouts don’t make it a ‘windy’ day at the Zoo!"

Meanwhile, in Thailand, a man played Christmas carols for elephants at an animal sanctuary. The owner said the music calms them.

Watch the video above for more merry antics.