Bear Rings Doorbell After Knocking Over Family's Christmas Decorations

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Video captured by a home surveillance camera showed a curious black bear knocking over some Christmas decorations outside a Florida home. 

In the video, captured by a Ring security camera, the bear sniffed around then started messing with a snowman statue, accidentally knocking its head off. 

The bear even found a way to ring the doorbell with its nose. 

The homeowners in Naples, Florida, yelled at the bear over the intercom, startling the beast by screaming, “Bear, go away!”

But it didn't work: The bear became more curious and looked around to find where the voices were coming from. 

After a brief, failed search, the bear made a getaway. 

The homeowners told CBS News in Miami that the snowman decoration was easily fixed. They also said they were very entertained by the situation. 


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