Man Scares Off Would-Be Burglars Through Doorbell Camera: 'Get Away From the Door!'

Their every move was filmed by a smart doorbell outside the homeowner's door.

A Canadian man stopped two suspected burglars from breaking into his home – even though he wasn't there.

The suspected thieves, dressed as postal workers, tried to pry open the front door of Clem Ho's Edmonton home with a screwdriver.

Ho was not home at the time but was alerted to what was happening after one of the alleged thieves rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home. Ho got a notification on his phone, which prompted him to open the camera app from his smart doorbell.

When he saw the would-be thieves, he shouted through the intercom of the device: “Get away from the door!” 

The two men split from the scene. 

Ho later posted the video of the incident on YouTube, where it has gone viral. 

Edmonton police are investigating the attempted break-in. The suspected thieves are still at large. 

Ho’s video is the latest example of homeowners scaring off supposed burglars from miles away.

In October, a Texas woman was at work when she checked her security cameras to see someone stealing a package from her porch. She alerted the woman via her smart doorbell, asking simply: “What are you doing?”

The woman claimed she had the wrong house and ran off. 

In another instance last month, a suspected burglar in England thought he had a cafe to himself until a voice told him he was being watched.

The British cafe owner was on vacation 4,000 miles away in the Dominican Republic when he got a notification on his phone that a presence was detected in his closed shop. When he opened the video feed from his Ring camera, he saw a strange man rifling through cabinets looking for cash. 

He spoke to the man via his smart doorbell and asked what he was doing. The alleged thief ran off.