Porch Pirate Karma: Thief Suffers Nasty Fall While Trying to Make Off With Packages

The getaway driver had to come to the thief's aid as her foot was left dangling.

Karma reared its ugly head as a porch pirate took a nasty fall while attempting to steal packages from a home outside Seattle. 

As the alleged thief scurried back to the getaway car, she took a nasty spill on wet grass. Surveillance cameras caught her trying to get up but the injury was so serious that her foot appeared to be dangling off her leg at the ankle. 

The getaway driver came to her aid, but the suspected thief could be heard crying out in pain as her accomplice helped her up and got her in the car. 

The driver, sporting a Seattle Seahawks jersey, actually returned to get the packages and took them before they drove off. 

The packages had been sent to Lizeth Ababneh, the Bothell, Wash., homeowner, who had little sympathy for the thief.

"You get what you deserve, girl," Ababneh told Inside Edition.  

The video, caught on the home security system, is getting a big reaction on social media with many echoing Ababneh's remarks that the vandal got what she deserved. 

Ababneh said her family filed a police report with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and they hope the suspects will be caught before they go after someone else, according to reports.