'Porch Pirate' Has Change of Heart After Stealing Woman's Collage of Wedding Photos

Brittany Hale released surveillance video of the theft in hopes that the photos would be returned, and lucky for her, they were.

A California "porch pirate" was captured on surveillance footage fleeing with very valuable packages, but had an apparent change of heart after learning of their deep personal value.

The packages were stolen in broad daylight from a doorstep in Orange County just before Christmas. The brazen thief, believed to be a woman, had no idea she was walking away with precious wedding photos that a young bride had sent to her family. 

The collage of wedding photos was put together by Brittany Hale, who married her husband in September and sent the gift to her parents.

“It was completely devastating," she told Inside Edition. "I broke down in tears just because I was so sad because I put so much time and effort into making those photo collages.”

Hale's mom, Lori, couldn’t believe someone could have stolen something so precious.

"It really hurt because I felt like it was an invasion," she said. "This is our family and our private moment that I felt that someone stole from us." 

But all was not lost as the distraught bride posted surveillance footage of the theft on Facebook, along with a plea for the crook to return the gifts, no questions asked.

“We were expecting everything to be in a dumpster and hidden and never get it back,” she said. 

But then, a miracle happened as surveillance footage showed the thief returning the stolen gifts on New Year’s Eve. 

The family said they were upset that it initially happened, but they are grateful for the safe return of the items.