How to Fool Home Intruders and Protect Your Valuables With Common Items

From fake soda cans to fake peanut butter jars, here are some unique ways to protect your stuff.

There may be no better hiding spot for your valuables than a soda can or hair brush to keep burglars guessing.

Security expert Kathleen Baty, known as "The Safety Chick," showed Inside Edition the best places to stash your most prized possessions. 

She says the kitchen is the most ideal because "burglars don’t tend to come" there. 

There are soda cans designed to look real but are actually decoys in which you can hide items. Simply unscrew the top of the fake cans and throw in money or jewelry. They also make fake peanut butter jars which do the same thing. 

“Thieves would never think to search your cupboard and refrigerator for these normal-looking household items,” she said. 

The bathroom is another great place to hide valuables. 

Burglars often head straight to the bedroom, searching nightstands and even under the mattress.

Baty also suggests getting a large book with the middle cut out.  

“It looks like a book," she said. "But in the middle is a great little hiding spot for your valuables."

Also, consider stashing pricey items in a child's room, like a jewelry box.