Got a Leftover Christmas Tree? A Michigan Farm Will Take it to Feed Their Animals

Animal Tree
Facebook / Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo

One farm in Michigan is asking for the real Christmas trees you plan on tossing to the curb so they can take them and feed their animals, People reported.

Just after Christmas, Michigan’s Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo has posted on their social media accounts that they are asking for leftover trees to be donated to their farm so they can feed some of their animals.

The farm did have one caveat, which was donors to please take off all decorations, tinsel, and lights before donating the former festive fern.

“We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! If you are ready to take down the tree and would like to recycle, we are now accepting donations of real Christmas Trees to feed the goats! Donated trees can be left in the main parking lot next to the TREE-mendous Treat sign, please no tinsel or flocked trees and be sure to remove all decorations,” they wrote.

At first they put out the call for donations to feed their goats, however, as some trees arrived, it appeared other animals on the farm liked the taste of the trees as well. The farm posted Wednesday that it isn’t just goats who love the trees, but also their porcupines. They showed a photo of a porcupine noshing on a leftover tree.

"Animals get the winter blues kind of too, so they like anything new and unusual. It's exciting for them," Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador for the farm, told FOX 17. "They like the taste of the pine needles. Pine needles have a lot of Vitamin C in them, so they're getting some vitamins there, and it's a natural de-wormer for goats too."


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