Grasshoppers Have Taken Over the Las Vegas Strip

Grasshoppers have taken over Las Vegas.
Getty Images

People are bugging out over the latest visitors to Las Vegas.

A swarm of grasshoppers has descended on Sin City, crowding sidewalks and covering street lights.

"It was crazy. We didn't even want to walk through there. Everybody was going crazy," Diana Rodriquez told KLAS on Saturday. "We were wondering, like, what's going on."

Video shared to social media showed the critters flying in people's faces, landing on casino machines and forming dense clouds in the air.

"Even the grasshoppers are getting in on the action," one person tweeted.

They're coming in droves thanks to the unusually wet weather in recent months.

Jeff Knight, an entomologist in Nevada, said the high numbers of adult pallid-winged grasshoppers in the area is definitely unusual but not completely unheard of, according to CBS News. The bugs aren't any danger to humans and they don't carry disease or bite. They should be gone in a few weeks, Knight said. 

These grasshoppers are typically attracted to ultraviolet light, which could explain why so many of them have hit the Strip. 


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