Would You Eat Tarantula? Inside Edition Tries Out Delicious Delicacies Made With Bugs

The Smithsonian Channel's "Bug Bites" is a streaming series devoted to highlighting delicacies made with insects — and we tried some of them out.

Eating bugs may sound gross, but what if they were prepared for you by a gourmet chef?

The Smithsonian Channel's "Bug Bites" is a streaming series devoted to highlighting delicious delicacies made with insects. Inside Edition got to taste some of the bites prepared by Chef Joseph Yoon, who created Brooklyn Bugs, an organization that celebrates — you guessed it — edible insects

First up is shrimp paired with ants, followed by cheese puffs made with cricket powder. For the more adventurous, there are crab cakes with torched Manchurian scorpion. And the crowning achievement? Tarantula! 

"I did take the abdomen off, which has all the guts and stuff," Yoon said. 

There was even a dessert for those with a sweet tooth: silkworm pupa chocolate brownies.

Overall, there are more than 1,900 bugs you can eat, according to Yoon. And moreover, it's good for the environment. 

"It might be off-putting to say you're going to save the world by eating bugs, but it's fun — the fact that it is good for the world — that's kinda like a double win-win," said Yoon. 

For more, check out the video above. 

"Bug Bites" is a Smithsonian Channel series streaming on SmithsonianChannel.com and Smithsonian Earth.