From Lethal Spiders to Bedbugs, the Dangerous Critters You Could Be Carrying Home

Always check your groceries and car to avoid a hazardous situation.

You can be bringing home nasty critters and not even know it.

One family was shocked to find one of the world's most venomous spiders, the black widow, inside a bag of grapes. They now keep the nasty arachnid as a constant reminder to always check the groceries. 

One person even found roaches inside her rental car. 

Home improvement expert Jason Cameron showed Inside Edition the steps you can take to keep those critters out of your home.

When it comes to fruit, like grapes, he advises tossing the bag it comes in. 

"The first thing I like to do is open it up because you want to get rid of the original bag that it comes in," he said. “We'll go over to the sink and put them in the strainer." 

Next, you wanna rinse them with a heavy stream of cold water and check again. After everything is clean, put them in a new, sealable bag. 

And what about bed bugs?

He recommends not keeping luggage or clothing on the floor and always keep suitcases elevated and off the ground. 

Think twice before putting your clothes inside hotel dresser drawers because they're rarely cleaned.

"I wouldn't use the drawers. I would leave them in your suitcase, get the things you need for the day, then close the suitcase back up," he said. 

Cars are notorious hiding places for bugs.

Cameron suggests regularly checking under the floor mats and also the glove compartment

"Last place to look, the warmest place in your car is your engine and if you're gonna end up with something in here, a snake, a raccoon — it's gonna be in your engine," he said.