The Hidden Dangers That May Be Lurking in Your Garage

Don't store pet food in your garage, plus other tips.

There could be hidden dangers lurking in your garage and one expert is giving tips on how to avoid them. 

Professional organizer Marty Stevens-Heebner from Clear Home Solutions joined forces with Inside Edition to comb through one busy California mom's garage for any red flags.

Stevens-Heebner immediately pointed out a ladder leaning vertically against a wall that was a real danger. Ladders that rest vertically can tip over and hurt someone, so he suggested that it instead be placed horizontally on the ground.

Then, the expert noticed pet food stored in the garage, another red flag. 

“I see we have some pet food out here. Ah hah, that's wrong. It really should be stored inside because out here in the garage it becomes a five-star restaurant for all kinds of little critters,” Stevens-Heebner said. 

As they went through the garage, they noticed an inflatable mattress covered in rat droppings, leading the expert to caution to keep big items like this in a sealed box.
Homeowner Alison MacCracken has converted much of her garage into a play area for her toddler, which is fine, but some of the things around the zone are hazardous. 

“I see something wrong over there these are hazardous waste materials. It's paint. It looks like solvents,” Stevens-Heebner said. “We want to get them up and off the floor.” 

Stevens-Heebner brought in her team to take those cans out of the reach of little hands. It took only 20 minutes to make the garage safe and much more inviting for people instead of pests.